Roof Repair

Austin Roofing Experts provide the city’s easiest and most cost effective repair solutions for roofing issues such as:

  • Leakage due to improperly installed flashing around skylights, chimneys and roof valleys
  • Leaky stack pipes or vent pipes
  • Leaks from roofs that are missing shingles or other materials
  • Roof leaks from exposed roof nails
  • Leaks requiring emergency repair after suffering storm damage

Many roofing companies specialize in replacing roofs — not repairing them. A focus on replacement often leaves a company unable to address simple leakage issues. In fact, many of the issues that require roofing repair stem from the installation of the roof itself. Since so many of these issues are the result of human error, it’s important to find an Austin roofing repair contractor whose expertise and experience include much more than just installation. Your contractor should be able to find and repair leaks for roofs of all types and materials.

At Austin Roofing Experts, we have an entire crew dedicated just to roof repairs. These experts really know how to locate and correct the most common types of roof damage. Most leaks occur because of one of four issues:

  • Leaking Pipe Collars
  • Broken Shingles
  • Exposed Nail Punctures
  • Failed Flashing

Understanding where roof leaks come from, locating the source of the problem and making sure it is repaired to completion, is what you need from a roofing repair contractor. And it’s the kind of work that only an experienced, skillful roofer can manage.

Austin Roofing Experts will repair your roof the right way. We won’t just caulk or tar your problem, leaving you with a temporary fix that will require more repairs down the road. We’ll perform an in depth analysis of your roof, and give you a fair estimate for its repair. We keep some of the most common repair materials on the truck so, in some cases, we can perform the work upon our initial visit. Other cases require more than one trip, but however many trips it takes us, you can rest assured the work will be done properly, within a reasonable time frame, and for a reasonable price.

When it comes to roof leaks and other issues, the phrase “Pay a little now or a whole lot more later” really applies. Don’t waste valuable time and money on a roofing contractor whose work will end up costing you even more in the end. Get a quality job, done right, from Austin Roofing Experts. We use roofing materials of the highest possible quality and work closely with you from the ground up, to address your budget, time frame and roofing needs. We have exactly the know-how you need to get your roof repaired right. Contact us today and let us help you head off small problems before they become a really big headache!