Quality Expert Roofing in Austin

When it comes to roofing in Austin, you’ve got a lot of different choices. A roof is a significant investment, and you need to know what solution is the right fit for your residential roofing needs. Should you go with a tile roof? Metal roof? Shingled roof? Flat roof? How will the roof look once it’s on your house?

And here’s a big concern: What roof will be the best as far as energy efficiency? Did you know that the right color roof and the right materials (installed properly) can make a big difference in lowering your air conditioning bills?

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When dealing with us, you’ll find out that we are committed to only installing the roofing materials and systems that we can confidently stand behind with a warranty. We’ve got a strong, reputable company, friendly office assistance, a great sales and consulting team, comprehensive liability insurance and capable craftsmen for every job. We also know that flashing and sheet metal are vital to a proper roofing job, to prevent leaks or seepage. Whenever possible, our sheet metal crews will build flashing on the job site so it will be a perfect custom fit for your roof’s needs.

These are our core values and qualities:

  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • Commitment to a job that’s done right and build to last
  • Details, details, details
  • Service after the sale
  • A job that’s done right, and finished on time and on budget
  • Professional, courteous service
  • Commitment to energy efficiency
  • Honest and direct dealings with our customers

If you’re not ready for a complete re-roof, we can help you in tracking down and repairing roof leaks. A blown-off shingle, deteriorated caulking, rubbing tree limbs or deteriorated flashing can all cause a leak that will only get worse over time. Leaks are even more important in Austin; growth of mold and mildew will only accelerate in higher heat and humidity. Head off roof leaks before they wind up costing you a whole lot more money!