Commercial Roofing Solutions for Austin Businesses

Commercial roofing is a specialized part of the Austin roofing trade. It can entail restaurants, strip malls, office parks, churches, schools, factories, retail stores, apartment complexes, condos or many other types of buildings. With such a wide variety of applications, it’s important to have some flexibility in roof designs and materials:

  • ‘built-up’ roofing for flat roofs – usually layers of fiberglass, organic-fiber or polyester felt with a top surface of tar and gravel. Some built-up roofs can also feature non-fibered coatings or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.
  • Single-ply roofing systems are usually sheets of synthetic polymer, applied with the seams either cemented or heat-welded into place. Single-ply roofs are strong, flexible and durable, provide Class A fireproofing and can provide great insulation. They are also lighter in weight than built-up roofing, meaning less stress on the structure of the building itself. It’s no wonder that single-ply roofs have quickly become a favorite of roofing contractors, installers and architects.
  • Metal roofing, while more specialized and sometimes more expensive, offer a great appearance (with various colors and finishes available), excellent strength, longevity and fire resistance. Newer designs of metal roofs can even simulate other materials such as slate, shingles or cedar shakes. In the hot Central Texas climate, the reflectivity of light-colored metal roofs for commercial buildings can mean savings on summer air conditioning bills.
  • Slate roofs are popular for many apartment buildings or condos. Slate is a centuries-old roofing technology, available in dozens of naturally-occurring colors and textures. It provides great longevity, fireproofing and resistance to wind and hail. For the green-minded, it’s worth noting that slate roofs can be discarded as clean landfill material, or sometimes even recycled and re-used as roofing. While slate roofs can be expensive on the front end as investments, they pay for themselves when the entire life of the building’s roof is taken into account.

Regardless of your choice for your commercial roofing needs, we’re ready to work with you.

We’ll happily work directly with general contractors, condo or homeowners’ associations, property managers, boards of directors and building owners to make sure that all stakeholders are fully informed and involved when it’s time for a commercial roof.