Residential Roofing Experts!

Shingle roofing is what everyone thinks of when they think about residential roofing options. It’s important to know, though, that shingle roofing has evolved quite a bit over the years. Architectural grade (also known as laminate or dimensional shingles) are the standard now for Austin roofs. Architectural grade shingles are more energy efficient, and provide better wear, fire protection and protection against blow-offs than older style residential roofs. You can also find a greater variety of designs, textures and colors in newer shingles; you can be sure we carry a designer shingle that will be a good match to your house and your neighborhood.

Shingle roofs are available in various weights; generally, the heavier the weight, the more extensive the resiential roof’s warranty will be. Some roofs carry 20-50 year warranties; the heaviest grade roofs sometimes carry lifetime warranties. Be aware that shingle roofs are more vulnerable to storm damage; considering that (and the warranties available), heavier grade shingles are usually going to be your best buy.

There are other options for residential roofing, too – metal roofs or tile roofs are popular in the Central Texas area. We also carry metal and tile roof systems and have craftsmen who are fully experienced and qualified to install them.

In residential roofing products and installation both, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, shingle roofing tends to attract less skilled roofers and companies. Installation will always be a critical factor…not only for how a roof looks, but how well it’s going to perform and hold up in storm conditions and over the passage of time. Shingle manufacturers now have set hard-and-fast standards for installation of their products; we’re fully certified for manufacturers’ standards. Don’t be taken in by cheaper products or budget roofing jobs. You need a good quality roof for your biggest investment – your home.